Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows. I love hearing about how an “average Joe” had an idea and turned that concept into a money-making, and in some cases, life changing product or business. Often, the products that are pitched on the show are a little unusual and if the inventor was not there to explain things you would have no clue what the item is or what it is intended to be used for. For example, the Scrub Daddy, Sleep Styler, and Squatty Potty are three of the show’s most profitable products but if you saw them and had no prior information about them, you would never be able to guess their potential value or intended purpose.  

People are the same way. We were created by a brilliant inventor who knew exactly what He wanted to do and why He wanted to do it. Do you know what you were created for? You and I were created to bring glory to God by being His representatives and ambassadors in this world (Gen. 1:26-28; Isa. 43:7). And here is some really good news; our divine designer tailored us perfectly for that task. One of the most important ways we accomplish this is by doing what Jesus did and serve those around us. 

This past Sunday, Pastor Greg said that when it comes to someone serving, God looks for three main things. The first is having the right attitude. In Philippians 2, Paul writes that Jesus gave up His divine privileges, took the position of a slave, and humbled himself in obedience to God. Jesus’ attitude was one of submission and servanthood. He knew what would bring His father the most glory and He stopped at nothing, even death, to make that happen.

The second thing God looks for in a servant is availability. It is easy to get so consumed in our own lives that we forget that we are called to something greater than merely going to work, the grocery store, soccer games and the occasional church service. Often, we keep our schedules so full that there is no margin for the work God wants to do through us. Greg mentioned that in many cases, availability is more important than ability. 

Lastly, Pastor Greg noted that the third thing God looks for in a servant is faithfulness. Like a Swiss Army Knife, God has given each of us tools in order to be used at His discretion. The question is, will we be ready and willing to be used when the time comes? 

Questions for reflection:

  1. What does the Gospel tell us about the faithfulness of God towards us? Should this compel us to serve him in return? Why?
  2. What can you do this week to serve others? If you are not already, how could you serve your faith family here at Foothills?