For the last 24 years in Oconee County, whether you are a part of Foothills now, were with us in a different season, or for the faithful crew who’ve been here helping build this all along – we all know that God has clearly used an incredibly anointed, humble and gifted leader in Pastor Greg Oraham along with his family to invest their lives into this community. 

Pastor’s like Greg are the type of individual that cannot be replaced. But the truth about every pastor and leader, is that every leader is in transition. There is a time for them to lead, and a day that the next generation carries the baton for the next leg of the race. 

We recently learned from Pastor Greg that his time to hand the baton to the next leader has been made clear. In addition to that, God has made it clear who He has entrusted for the next leg of the race for Foothills Church – and that is Pastor Kevin Robison.

So today we’re going to have a behind the scenes conversation to take an exclusive look at how we got to this significant moment in Foothills history! 

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