When you think of the concept of love, what comes to mind? You may think of your spouse, your kids, or your parents. You may think about Romeo and Juliet, Jim and Pam, or some other couple from popular fiction. When I wrote that opening sentence, that “L; is for the way you look at me” song popped into my head and unfortunately, I now fear it may be lodged in my brain for some time. 

This past Sunday, Pastor Greg began his sermon by saying that love is best demonstrated through serving. In John 13, we read of Jesus, the one true supreme God of the universe, taking off his robe, wrapping a towel around his waist, getting on his hands and knees, and washing the feet of his disciples. Jesus would go on to tell them that since He was willing to do this for them, they should be willing to do this for each other. In essence, Jesus was showing them that to love someone is to serve them. Just a few hours after this moment in the upper room, Jesus would perform the ultimate act of service. He would lay himself down so that He could be lifted up on a cross. 

Jesus was the greatest servant and when we serve others, we are representing Him. This coming Saturday, during our Serve Oconee event we have the opportunity to do just that. With every stroke of a paintbrush, shovel full of mulch, care package packed, or piece of trash picked up, we will show our community what Jesus is like. So, if you haven’t yet, sign up to serve this Saturday and let’s put the humility, compassion, and love of Jesus on full display.