Parent Child Dedications | Nov. 1st 2020

The Parent-Child Dedication ceremony is a time of public and personal commitment where parents* (husband and wife or a single parent who is raising a child on their own) promise to raise their child with Godly principles, so that when their child is ready and understands, they will choose to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Through this ceremony, parents show God, their family, and friends that they are willing to take on the responsibility of guiding their child into a relationship with Jesus.

This occasion also allows parents to publicly commit their child to God for His blessing on their lives. It is the recognition that children are a temporary gift from God given to us. As parents, we bear the responsibility for the spiritual development of our child. At the same time, Foothills as a church, affirms parents in this task, and commits to help them in this process. Foothills Church celebrates Child Dedication services once a year. We invite you and your family to participate on November 1st!

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