Foothills Family,

It’s hard to believe another year has passed, but my what a year it has been!  The year 2019 has been incredible; it has truly been a move of God. Lives have been changed, the Lord has been glorified, and we have continued our mission to help people find and follow Jesus.

Words cannot express how thankful Liz and I am for each of you that have shared your time, treasure and talents to help reach our community and world for Jesus. We feel such honor to serve the Lord side-by-side with you.

As you look through this review you will see highlights that quantify all the Lord has done, but let’s also remember that each number represents a person.

Let’s pause and celebrate what happened in 2019 and get ready for what is ahead in 2020. Our best days are ahead of us!

Pastor Greg

Sunday Worship

296 Total Salvations

We saw 296 salvations this year across Foothills including kids, students and adults, as well as 133 baptisms. We had 789 First Time Guests on Sundays; 399 were kids visiting KidZone and 390 were adults in our Sunday services.

Adult Salvations
Student Salvations
Children Salvations

133 Baptisms

789 First-Time Guests



295 Average Kids Service Attendance

On average, 295 kids and volunteers attended KidZone each Sunday. This summer, we had 26 in attendance at summer camp. This included 20 kids and 6 volunteers. We also had 607 kids and volunteers at SonSports this year. On Wednesday nights, an average of 21 5th and 6th graders met at Fifty6.

Summer Camp Attendance
SonSports Attendance
Fifty6 Attendance

Foothills Students

127 Average Wednesday Attendance

On average, 127 students and volunteers attended United each Wednesday. This summer, we had 80 in attendance at Vertical camp. We also had 99 in attendance at The WKND this year

WKND Attendance
Vertical Camp Attendance


1165 Volunteers Serving

This year we had 1165 people serve across Foothills. This includes Guest Experience, Campus Support, Care & Outreach, KidZone, Student Ministry, Creative Arts and Worship.


590 Group Participants

Discipleship Summary: This year, Foothills had 34 groups with a total of 590 participants. Out of the 34 groups, 24 of them were Community Groups which focus on building relationships. We offered five Interest Groups which focused on common interests, hobbies, or sports and five Resource Groups that focused on equipping our community on specific life issues.

33 Total Groups
Community Groups
Resource Groups
Interest Groups


7700 Hours Served

Outreach Summary: This year, over 1100 people served over 7700 hours in Outreach. Twenty-four people attended mission trips Kentucky. Over the years at Foothills, 1111 families have contributed $1,196,934 to outreach.

Mission Trip Attendees
Contributing Families

Digital & Social Engagement

1300+ Social Media Subscribers

Foothills’ social media reach is exploding. We gained over 1300 new subscribers through Facebook and Instagram. Our website had 12344 unique visitors and our sermons were viewed over 18,000 times!

Unique Website Visitors
Sermon Views

Budget Summary

Salaries/benefits of all staff are allocated throughout the budget summary.

2020 General Fund and Outreach giving forecast: $2,176,000
2020 Salaries/Benefits: Includes 14 full-time and 7 part-time staff: $1,029,907
Cash carry-over forecast: $61,592
Available operating budget – salaries represent 46% of budget: $2,237,592

Foothills Church Financial Statement for year ended December 31st, 2019, prepared by The Kelly Group, PA.

2019 Financial Statements